Non - GMO * Vegan Friendly * Fresh * Locally Made * Boiled Peanuts

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"These are the best peanuts this side of the Mississippi. No one boils  their peanuts up here because they have no taste. The spicy ones are lip  smacking good." - Daisha Thompson 


"Went to the Kent Farmers Market today. Saw the set up for boiled peanuts  and walked over. I was skeptical at first because I’m from Alabama, and  this is the first time I’ve seen boiled peanuts out west. But, he said  he was from Florida and I knew they were going to be good. I got the  Cajun flavored ones and it was just like being back home, and buying  them from a guy selling them off the back of his truck. He even had  other flavors. If you see him set up, stop by. You won’t regret it." - Craig Thomas Chappell 


"These are the freshest most flavorful peanuts ever. highly recommend." - Vicki Bruch-lemmons


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