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Frequently Asked Questions About Boiled Peanuts


What Is This Boiled Peanut We Speak Of? What Does It Taste Like? How Are Boiled Peanuts Properly Eaten? And Most Importantly.... What Benefits Does A Person Gain From Eating Boiled Peanuts?

In a nutshell, boiled peanuts are un-roasted, raw, green or dried peanuts boiled in seasoned water for many hours. It also has been classified as being apart of the bean family.

Once boiled, the un-roasted peanut changes to softened like texture, almost like a hard shell taco would change into a soft shell taco. Since a great portion of salt and seasonings are used in the cooking process, the end result of the boiled peanut has a pleasant salty taste to it. The flavor is like that of a fresh legume.

How Do you Eat Them? The answer is debatable

The Huffington Post gives an excellent shell opener to this question. 

" Like all great American regional foods, there are even different ways to eat them. Some people crack the soggy shells open with their hands. Some people pop the whole peanut in their mouth, crack it open, extract the nut and spit out the shell. Some with intrepid digestive tracts even eat the whole thing, shell and all".(Huffington Post, 2014)

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Where Did Boiled Peanuts Originate From And Where Are They Mostly Sold?

Boiled Peanuts originally come from Asian and African cultures and are sold mostly in the southern states of the United States of America. They can also be found in the Philippines and Hawaii. Unfortunately, boiled peanuts are not as popular in the central and west coast.


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South 2 West Boiled Peanuts Seasonings And Offerings?

We currently have Rite Trite Regular, Ramar Spicy, Stile Curry, Debarr' BBQ and Nick Golden Lemon Pepper Boiled Peanuts. More flavors will be added to the Peanut Line in the near future. 

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